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Safeguard substations, cables, and electric lines, preventing outages, enhancing safety, and addressing global infrastructure aging.

For Aging Infrastructure where Electrical grids around the globe are suffering from advanced aging

Prioritising and location of issues
in the grid based on real data

  • Predict faults through remote partial discharge monitoring (no on-site expert needed).
  • Estimate line useful-life from vibration and tension data, monitor and track aging incidents
  • Detect partial discharge
  • Implement continuous online cable monitoring

  • Access cost-effective, consolidated products for easier, scalable global solutions.

*Everything mentioned above is valid for all insulated assets like switchgear, cables, generaotrs/motors, gas insulated substations (GIS) and transformers.


Detect and assess insulation failure in cables and
acessment of conductor fatigue

Permanent equipment installation for insulation defect detection

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Defects in insulation detection using temporary equipment installation

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Monitor conductor stress to estimate lifespan and prioritize maintenance

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