GRID RELIABILITY for Overhead lines

Communicating Fault Circuit Indication and assessing operational conditions, with

advanced ai engine assets

Optimized grid operation and reliability by collecting relevant data from the grid

GridVisor's advanced AI Engine optimizes grid operation and reliability by extracting valuable insights from grid data streams. This enhances outage prediction accuracy and response time, fostering a proactive approach.

Trends and statistics support investment decisions, triggering grid control actions based on predefined thresholds.

Faster Fault
Response Time

  • Quick Fault Indication
  • Rapid Pinpointing
  • Efficient Fault Root Case

Optimized Grid

  • Enhanced Phase Balancing
  • Seamless DER Integration
  • Condition-Based Maintenance

Advanced Digitalization

  • Integrated SCADA with IEC 104, DNP3, and more
  • FLISR capabilities for ADMS, DMS/OMS
  • Predictive Maintenance Pointing
Fast fault Response

Electrical and Mechanical
fault detection and location

GridVisor's multisensing capability combines fault location with FCI functionalities, GPS signatures, and mechanical impact detection.

The grid operator receives fault current, GPS location, and likely cause information, enabling swift issue resolution and customer supply restoration.

Electrical and
Mechanical Detection

  • Ice Accretion
  • Pole Displacement, Strong Winds
    and Galloping
  • Vegetation Impact
  • Excessive heat and sag
Smart system monitoring and prevention

Safeguarding substations
and distribution centers with an affordable solution

Affordable solutions for safeguarding substations and distribution centers, integrating measurement of multiple parameters for early defect identification.

Permanent, autonomous monitoring with AI tools, capturing and analyzing signals from partial discharge, voltage, current, temperature, and humidity sensors.

Instant alarm generation using data and machine learning on defect recognition

  • Activity of partial discharges potentially dangerous for the insulation of the installation
  • Hot spots on accessories
  • Abnormal temperature or humidity levels
  • Problems in the grounding system
  • Faults

SmartVisor offers configurable alarms based on analog channel values, voltage references, and synchronization with GPS. It is energy-efficient, powered by solar panels, inductive systems, or batteries.

SmartVisor provides remote alarms and visual indicators (green, yellow, orange, red) for equipment diagnostics. It uses AI processing to detect defects based on partial discharge, temperature, and humidity levels.


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