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Ambient-comprehensive Facility
Ratings management with

Facility Ratings

Power management

Effortless Control: streamlining power facility ratings management

The GridBoost™ Facility Ratings System efficiently stores all assets associated with facility ratings.

  • Configurable methodology for ambient-adjusted ratings
  • Lookup table in the GridBoost™ facility rating system
  • Includes ambient temperature, normal, and emergency ratings
Configurable system

Empowered Access: user hierarchy for optimal control and real-time forecast

The GridBoost™ Facility Rating System boasts robust database logging capabilities and ensures compliance with NERC FAC-008 standards.

  • All database changes are logged with the users associated usernames, ensuring full auditability and tracking of actions
  • Fully compliance with NERC FAC-008 requirements

All changes to the database are logged with the username associated with the change for audit purposes and bulk import and export of data is available via comma separated files (csv) and/or XML.

The ratings that are compliant with FERC-881 are directly available and produced for each respective system. However, static lookup tables for ambient-adjusted ratings will be provided by the system – these can be also transferred as csv files.

The system is configurable enough to allow for the connection to most SCADA/EMS providers and have worked with GE’s system with US customers. This could be done with the SCADA protocols or potentially the csv files.

Our GridBoost suite can help you meet all your FERC881 compliance requirements and beyond with:

  • 10-day forecasted values
  • Increased resolution and accuracy for short term forecasts, i.e. day-ahead and intraday time horizons
  • Direct connection to SCADA
  • Varying degrees of capacity gains dependent on the customer’s risk appetite – we can be flexible to your needs or provide industry-standard best practice recommendations

  • Our service team will analyze your data and provide a system that meets your needs

  • Ongoing support and service

Real-time ratings

  • Provided via SCADA protocols (ICCP or DNP3.0) and APIs

Forecast ratings

  • Provided via APIs and/or flat files (e.g., CSV)


  • Cloud or on-premise based on customer requirements

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