Asset Health

Monitor conductor stress, estimate lifespand and prioritze maintenance, with


Continuous Health Monitoring

Predictive maintenance through continuous assessment and monitoring of conductor health

Developed for assessing optimal grid life span, GridLife - Lines offers continuous health monitoring, assessing conductor stress.

  • Prioritize maintenance: Act on remaining lifetime estimates
  • Gain insights: Assess ice, galloping, and mechanical impact
  • Detect potential failures: vibration, tension, and temperature
  • Assess impact of past high vibration, thermal and mechanical stress events from extreme events like storms, wildfires and excessive loading

Sensor-based vibration, sag, current and tension data

  • Evaluates historical degradation and provides continuous health monitoring so that utilities can operate the highest level of safety and reliability.
  • Estimates remaining useful lifetime of overhead conductors.

Comprehensive view of the power lines' health
and issues prevention

  • Able to detect the accumulated weight of ice on the line, galloping, mechanical impact, sag, wind speed, and conductor twisting through direct measurement.
PD Monitoring Solutions

Optimizing asset
management and predictive maintenance with the ideal Equipment

Revolutionize asset management and predictive maintenance with our PD Monitoring Solutions, offering the ideal equipment to keep your grid in optimal condition.

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