Asset Health

Detect defects in insulation using permanent equipment installation, with


predictive condition assessment

Partial Discharge defects monitoring and predictive maintenance, through Artificial Intelligence

Developed for reliability, PDEye generates accurate real-time warnings from PD sensor data, identifying and evaluating defects.

  • 98% Accuracy: Ensures precision, reducing maintenance costs
  • AI Defect Identification: Quickly locates and evaluates PD issues
  • Proactive Monitoring: Instant warnings for effective maintenance
  • Autonomous System: Reduces the need for an expert

Automatic Clustering
and PD Separation

  • Categorize diverse defects automatically through clustering, considering localization, sensor ratio, wave parameters, and phase-resolved PD pattern. This results in a concise list of PD defects from a single measurement.

Automatic recognition and evaluation of insulation defects

  • After separating PD defects, AI identifies the defect type, affected asset, and assesses magnitude criticality.
  • Insulation defects recognition in XLPE, air, oil, or SF6.

AI recognition

  • Provides an automatic diagnosis to the technician, revealing defect type, pattern, criticality, and other parameters.
  • Empowers non-expert technicians to instantly assess asset conditions, save reports, and plan preventive actions.
Automated diagnosis across all elements

The Central Monitoring platform for the different PD monitoring units installed in the grid

PDEye platform can be installed on cloud or on premise and be connected to the asset management system enabling a total automated PD diagnosis across all the different elements of the grid:

  • Cables
  • Transformers
  • Substations and switchgear
  • Generators and motors
  • Gas insulated substations (GIS)
PD Monitoring Solutions

Optimizing asset
management and predictive maintenance with the ideal Equipment

Enhance your grid's reliability and efficiency with PD Monitoring Solutions. Explore the ideal equipment for optimizing asset management and predictive maintenance.

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Sensors and Accessories

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