Capacity Optimization

Monitoring real-time line conditions to amplify electric transmission capacity with

Line Ratings

End-to-end DLR Solution

Ampacimon’s Dynamic Rating: the world's most trusted and widely used dynamic line rating system

Developed for global electric grids, ADR solution boosts conductor capacity, reduces congestion costs, and seamlessly integrates renewable energy.

  • Increase current carrying capacity to reduce congestion costs
  • Facilitate seamless integration of renewable energy
  • Deliver dynamic line ratings for real-time reliability and compliance
GridBoost Suite

Enhancing Global transmission capacity and compliance

Empower utilities globally with our Capacity Optimization suite - GridBoost Lite, GridBoost Advanced, and GridBoost DLR.

  • Up to 40% increase in transmission capacity
  • Reduce congestion costs for efficient grid operation
  • Ensure compliance with FERC Order No 881 requirements

GridBoost Lite

Ambient Adjusted Rating

Our cost-effective entry-level solution using ambient air temperature (AAR) and fixed wind speed for approximate line ratings.

This solution is ideal for utilities looking for a cost-effective way to increase their transmission capacity, reduce congestion costs and meet FERC regulation without relying on the use of sensors.

GridBoost Advanced

Wind + Ambient Adjusted Rating

Advanced solution utilizing AAR and variable wind speed data.

This provides a more accurate line rating and increases capacity gains, allowing utilities to further reduce congestion costs, without relying on the use of sensors.

GridBoost DLR

Dynamic Line Rating

Flagship product providing full dynamic line rating, employing hardware sensors like Sense and Sense D for highly accurate data. Ideal for utilities aiming to maximize capacity gains and eliminate congestion costs.

GridBoost DLR is ideal for utilities looking to maximize their capacity gains and eliminate congestion costs altogether.

Our GridBoost suite meets FERC881 compliance and beyond with:

  • 10-day forecasted values
  • Increased resolution and accuracy for short term forecasts, i.e. day-ahead and intraday time horizons
  • Direct connection to SCADA/EMS, market and planning systems
  • Varying degrees of capacity gains dependent on the customer’s risk appetite – we can be flexible to your needs or provide industry-standard best practice recommendations

  • Ongoing support and service, , and data analysis by our dedicated team
GRID Optimization

Reliable measurements and enhanced renewable integration for safe and optimized grid operation

The patented sensing method of ADR Sense and ADR Sense D relies on low frequency mechanical vibrations to calculate the line sag.

  • Uses low frequency vibrations caused by wind or thermal convection
  • Establishes a direct relationship between vibration frequency and sag for precise measurements
  • No calibration or conductor data needed for secure grid operation

Sense and sense d

Easy operation and grid measurements

  • 3G/4G or satellite communication
  • Patented vibration-based measurements: Sag, Conductor Temperature and Wind Speed
  • Current
  • Tension

sense d

Grid efficiency and line optimization

  • Easily integrate more Renewables, thanks to the increased thermal ratings of lines cooled down by wind
  • Maximise the use of existing assets in full safety, giving another tool to optimize Capex
  • Monitor key parameters of critical lines, in a fully integrated solution, enabling to move to a real smart grid

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